Bruce Buffer believes Francis Ngannou’s boxing career could be over as soon as it has begun if he fights . The legendary UFC announcer doesn’t fancy Ngannou’s chances against The Gypsy King and thinks he should have stuck to MMA.

Fury and Ngannou could be set to face each other at some point in the not-so-distant future in a hybrid boxing bout after both parties The pair had verbally agreed to a fight last year after Fury’s brief retirement from professional boxing but a deal couldn’t be struck due to Ngannou’s UFC commitments.

Now, no longer under contract with the MMA giants, the Cameroonian expressed interest in a transition to boxing and called out British stars and Fury for his debut. Joshua is yet to respond but Fury is keen on the proposition and has already set out the rules for their fight.

The Mancunian wants to fight Ngannou in 4oz MMA gloves, in a cage under Marquess of Queensbury’s rules and has selected as the referee. Ngannou has since verbally agreed to the bout, but Buffer thinks it is the wrong move for his career and says that he should have re-signed with the UFC.

“They are two completely different types of fighting sports. If he fights a man like Tyson Fury a lot of eyeballs will be on it and he’ll make a lot of money. My concern is if he wins he is on top of the world but if he loses does anyone want to see him box again? That’s a question.

“As a manager of talent in the past, and if I was his manager, don’t leave the UFC because it’s not just the money you make from each fight it’s the big publicity machine internationally that as a UFC champion all eyeballs are on you. And with that you stay very relevant. It is going to be questionable. He will make excellent money and I will support Francis in any decision he and his management make, I just personally think he should have stayed with UFC.”