YouTuber Keemstar says that top influencer boxers , KSI, King Kenny and Slim Albaher are all avoiding Salt Papi. The Filipino puncher is quickly establishing himself as one of the best fighters in the sphere and has earned plaudits from the likes of Chris Eubank Jr.

“I’ve been very frustrated because I keep seeing these rankings that people keep putting out on Twitter of influencer boxers,” he told Fred Talks Fighting. “You always see the same names at the top, KSI, Jake Paul, Kenny, Slim, none of them will fight Salt Papi and it’s so frustrating. Ever since I’ve known Salt Papi, we can’t get a fight for him.

“After he fights [Halal] Ham, he joins Happy Punch and we can’t get him a fight. Nobody would fight him, Slim wouldn’t fight him, Kenny wouldn’t fight him, nobody will fight this kid so he has to fight Andy Warski, beats Andy Warski and again no one will fight him.

“The only person that will fight him is Josh Brueckner, another person that nobody will fight. So, he fights Josh Brueckner, knocks him out, now the entire boxing world is talking about him… and once again no one is fight him.”

“It became very clear early on with the foot movement, the in-and-out, that he’s been practicing his footwork. And then he hit him with the two-piece combo and the guy went to sleep, incredible.

“If you look at him, he looks like he works a nine-to-five at a cheese factory. So, to see him come out there, moonwalk, dance, lick his lips and then knock a guy out, that’s box office right there.” Papi called out Kenny after knocking out Brueckner on the KSI vs FaZe Temperrr undercard. However, Kenny is now expected to box singer Ashley Tebi Rak-Su instead.