Tommy Fury is confident that will not trouble him when they square off in the Middle East and has highlighted three main weaknesses in The Problem Child’s game. Fury believes Paul is too stiff, has poor head movement and limited fundamentals, all of which he intends to capitalise on next month.

After 18 months of waiting and two failed attempts to make it happen Fury and Paul are set to finally settle their grudge once and for all on February 26 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Fans have expressed their doubts about the contest going ahead given its messy history but both fighters assure their supporters it will happen this time.

In the event of another cancellation, UFC veteran Mike Perry has been announced as the backup opponent. Meanwhile, the fight could end up happening twice this year with a rematch clause signed into the contract if Fury comes away the victor.

TNT is expecting this to be the case as he gives little chance of Paul, who comes in as a favourite with the bookies, walking away with his hand raised.

“Genuinely when you’re messing with proper people who can fight in the gym and then you go and watch tape on him, the man is a pure white-collar fighter, he does not know how to fight.

“I’m not 50 years old, I’m not 40 years old, I’m not an MMA fighter, all the little tricks of the trade he’s going to find out on the night and he’s going to be absolutely puzzled. I’m going to be there laughing saying, ‘you got exactly what you wanted, didn’t you?’ and he’s going to do nothing about it.”