Former tennis star and commentator Jelena Dokic has shared another candid message about her anxiety, and how she tries to deal with her feelings.

The ex athlete says she is learning not to worry about things that are out of her control or that have not actually happened.

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As Dokic prepared to travel for another speaking event, she shared with her 125,000 Instagram followers that she was thinking “about stress, feeling overwhelmed and anxious”.

“As someone who has anxiety issues … (it’s) not just the physical symptoms but how you think,” Dokic wrote.

“For me, the really busy weeks and months that I obviously love, because I love to work and I love what I do, can come with other challenges when you have anxiety.

“From flying fears, to whether I can manage all the work, will I make my next flight, my next event, will I finish something on time to make my next thing etc.”

Jelena Dokic in January. Credit: Instagram

Dokic says although these kinds of thoughts are normal, and “happen to all of us”, she’s gotten to thinking about how to approach them.

“In fact, it has got me thinking (about) how necessary is it to stress about it all, and what can I do to handle it,” she said.

“I realised that all of those things that I stress about, or that make me feel anxious, are actually out of my control.

“Often I have found myself stressing, panicking and creating unnecessary tension before anything has even happened, but also, and more importantly, about things that are not in my control.”

Jelena Dokic shared the message alongside this photo from an airport. Credit: Instagram

Jokic says she likes to consider whether the situation is in her control – and whether the situation has even happened.

She says these two thoughts have “helped so much”.

“So I don’t worry about things that are not in my control and I don’t stress or panic about something that has not happened,” she said.

“Usually I find that I manage everything just fine, that I deal with pressure situations better than I think, especially if I just take it a day at a time and I don’t stress about something that is not in my control.”

Todd Woodbridge and Jelena Dokic at the 2023 Australian Open launch in Melbourne. Credit: Daniel Pockett/Getty Images

Dokic says she is trying to live “in the now” and not think about “tomorrow or next week” – focusing on “one task… one event… one flight at a time”.

Friends and followers praised the former tennis star, with some sharing that they “needed to read this today as I’m going through a very difficult time”.

“I get anxious too, and I really needed to read this right now,” another said.

“So well said. I have anxiety and depression and can worry the crap out of anything. I have to keep telling myself I can only control so much. So proud of you Jelena,” a third agreed.

‘So tough’

The 39-year-old often takes to her Instagram, sharing life advice and how she conquers tough times.

Dokic previously spoke “loss, grief, heartbreak, abuse…” describing them as “so tough that you can’t imagine yourself getting through it and ever being ok again.

Jelena Dokic. Credit: Instagram

“But you find a way to get through it hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year,” she said on February 16.

“Those tough times and experiences are there in your past and even in your mind sometimes but they are not as tough to deal with because you know that you are strong and you can survive.

“Don’t ever let your tough times and your past define you or defeat you.

“Believe that you can get through whatever life throws at you and that you are strong and resilient.”

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