ECCO Golf has unveiled some new innovations, subtle design tweaks and a host of new colour and closure options for the popular Danish footwear brand’s latest range of high performance golf shoes.

There are models to suit all golfers, from the sporty designs offered by the S-THREE, BIOM H4 and BIOM C4, to the more traditional appearance of the new Classic Hybrid, which combines old-school looks with the latest in in-shoe comfort.

The new S-THREE range for men (left) and women (right) features more colour options and a wider choice of BOA and laced closures
The BOA dial is placed on the top of the tongue area

ECCO Golf’s popular S-Three shoe has been updated with a subtle redesign for 2023 that includes a host of new colours and closure options, as well as redesigned tongue that is thinner, lighter, and more fitted to the wearer’s foot.
As with the original model, the new S-Three features a moulded midsole which offers three distinct zones of softness. The heel is engineered for medium softness to ensure the right amount of cushioning and comfort, while the central part has higher levels of rigidity to enhance lateral stability throughout the swing, while the forefoot section is the softest of the three zones for increased walking comfort. The soles feature colour transitions between the different sections highlighting the technology and giving each pair a unique look.
The shoe’s uppers are made from thicker leather made in ECCO’s own tanneries which are fully waterproof and feature breathable GORE-TEX technology that keeps feet dry and comfortable in all conditions. A double layer of neoprene in the collar and heel provides increased padding, while the midsole features an internal reinforcement system that connects the midsole to the lace section of the shoe to provide extra stability.
The outsole features more than 100 traction bars and 800 traction angles for excellent grip in all playing conditions.
The S-Three will be available in 13 colourways across the men’s and women’s collections. Additionally, both will feature the BOA Fit lacing system, which provides the wearer with hassle free lacing at the tips of their fingers.

Men’s colours: Black/Concrete, White/Black/Air, Retro Blue/White/Marine, Concrete/Retro Blue, White/Blue Depths/Bright White, Marine/Morillo, and White/Carribean/Concrete. Sizes 39-47.
Women’s colours: White/Dusty Blue/Air, Delicacy/Blush, Marine/Hibiscus/Night Sky, Straw/White/Bright White, Dusty Blue/Air, and White/Delicacy. Sizes: 36-42.

The BIOM H4 Men’s range a choice of 3 BOA options and three laced models

Like the S-Three, the BIOM H4 has been given a subtle redesign for the 2023 season, while also introducing some new colour options for both men and women.
The shoe features a reworked upper, notably around the toe area, to produce a sleeker, slimmer look, while the tongue has been completely redesigned to produce a more ergonomic shape that fits more comfortably to the foot.
The shoe’s uppers are crafted from thin, but highly durable leather made in ECCO’s own tanneries, providing natural protection from wind and water. This is enhanced with 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX technology that keeps feet dry and comfortable in all conditions.
The BIOM 2.0 last offers a modern, updated look and feel that enables the foot to move naturally, close to the ground, and forms like a second skin around the foot.
The outsole includes three sections to provide the ideal blend of traction, stability, and rotational support, while FLUIDFORM Direct Comfort Technology enhances in-shoe comfort and provides energy rebound.

Men’s models: Black, Concrete, and White/Air colours are offered in the standard lace option, and White/Retro Blue, White/Frosty Gravel, and Magnet/Forest Green are the choices for the laceless BOA system. Sizes 39-48.
Women’s models: The standard lace option is offered in Marine/Night Sky, White/Air and Delicacy/Shadow White, and White/Concrete, Black/Magnet, and Violet Ice/Delicacy in the BOA design. Sizes 36-42.

The BIOM C4 for women comes in four styles

A new women’s option has joined in the C4 BIOM range, which offers a balance of cushioning, rebound, waterproofing and air-flow technology that enables the wearer to stay cool and comfortable throughout their round.
Offered in BOA and standard lacing options for men, and in the standard lacing option for women. The men’s collection features one new colourway – Magnet, while the women’s collection will feature four brand new styles: White, Marine, Delicacy, and Straw.
An updated BIOM last offers optimum support and superior control, while the T.PU posts on the outside add stability, and Biom Natural Motion technology enables the foot to move naturally and close to the ground.
A Gore-Tex 360° surround construction is combined with an exhaust grid that draws fresh air towards the sole of the foot. The outsole has three different sections providing traction, stability, and rotational support.
The model also features Fluidform Direct Comfort Technology, a ‘state change’ process that uses specialised fluid materials to form around an anatomical last, ensuring cushioning and rebound, while also creating a flexible and durable bond without the compromises common with stitched or glued assemblies.
Featuring full leather uppers, a super-stretchy mesh sock offers unparalleled comfort, while the low-to-the-ground sole structure provides a natural position for the foot and excellent ground responsiveness, while also enhancing stability and control.

The Men’s BIOM C4 comes in six styles

Offered in stylish all-white or all-black colour options, the new Classic Hybrid offers a premium look and feel, with an upper fashioned from embossed leather, a soft leather lining, and a leather-covered OrthoLite insole.
It features HYDROMAX water-repellent technology and a welt made with 52% recycled leather fibres. Traction is delivered by enlarged and rotated support bars that offer multi-directional grip in all underfoot conditions.
Despite its traditional ‘dress shoe’ look, the Classic Hybrid is lightweight and flexible, with Fluidform Direct Comfort Technology ensuring a balance of cushioning and rebound, while the uppers and the sole unit are joined by a seamless durable bond that prevents the compromises common with stitched or glued assemblies.

The Classic Hybrid is both timelessly stylish and supremely comfortable

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