Frank Warren has confirmed that he will be sending an official written offer across to ’s team today for a fight with in November in the UK.

Speaking to talksSPORT Breakfast this morning, following an appearance from Eddie Hearn, Warren said: “We’re sending a written offer across today to them. My son George spoke with Eddie Hearn yesterday.

“It’s us who have made the approach to give AJ a great opportunity to get himself back into the top level against the world champion Tyson. He’s willing to make that voluntary defence, so we’ll send the offer across today and then they’ll have to look at it and decide whether they wanna grab this with both hands.”

When asked about when they are aiming to stage the contest, he added: “In the UK and hopefully in November, that’s what we’re looking at.” Fury had originally stated that he would be taking a fight in December after the news that Oleksandr Usyk would not be able to partake in their proposed undisputed unification bout until next year.

“We’ll put it into writing and then they can make their decision. We’re talking about being very, very fair. Tyson is being extremely fair and if and when these come out, if they wanna publicise them, you’ll all be shocked.”

Fury had previously stated that he would take the Joshua fight for free and that he would only stage the event if it was free to air on British television and free of charge to enter. The reality of those outrageous claims will soon come to light with the expectations being a massive purse with the majority split going to the Mancunian.