alonso A14 management

Double Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso has launched a racing driver management company with two partners, aimed at providing guidance to young aspiring racers.

Alonso confirmed the initiative on social media as well as the official website launch of A14. The Twitter presence, boasts: “There is more than one path to the top of the mountain.” Co-founders of A14, are Albert Resclosa and Alberto Anilares who is Alonso’s personal manager.

Resclosa began his relationship with Fernando competing together in karting in the 1990s. His path was always towards management, making his first steps in ART Grand Prix karting division as Marketing and Team manager. Currently, Albert is in charge of Clément Novalak’s sports career, this being 2022 the third year together.

A14 Management launched its manifesto through social media channels on Thursday, declaring: “Today a different way to manage drivers is born. Make your dreams come true. The intention is selecting a small group of drivers, instilling them with indispensable values to achieve their goals, with the support of the best team and extensive experience in motorsport.”

The first drivers on the books, according to the website are Clément Novalak who will this year race for MP Motorsport in the FIA Formula 2 Championship and 15-year-old karting ace Nikola Tsolov.

A14 Management considers Karting as a fundamental step in this sport and add: “We want to prepare our drivers completely and eliminate any weak points that they may have. For this purpose, experts in each field personally analyze our drivers on a constant basis.

“Our specialized equipment and facilities are considered among the best in the industry. Most of them work or have worked in F1 for decades. It’s easy to improve at the beginning. The hard part is when you are already fast. We manage to extract the maximum in every area by optimizing the smallest details.”

Alonso is worth $250-million according to Forbes, during his time at McLaren he launched the Kimoa brand which he has since unloaded, to SimplyEV reportedly personally losing a couple of million euros in the deal. The 40-year-old banks a reported $20-million annually from Alpine for his services.