Several of Quebec’s major party leaders say newly appointed Montreal Canadiens captain Nick Suzuki needs to learn French.

Coalition Avenir Quebec leader Francois Legault said the Habs made an “excellent choice,” describing the centre as one of the team’s best players, before adding that Suzuki now has to learn French.

The Montreal Canadiens announced the appointment of the 23-year-old from London, Ont., as the team’s captain on Monday.

Liberal Leader Dominique Anglade told reporters in Thetford Mines that it would be a good thing if Suzuki learned French, adding that living in Quebec is an opportunity to learn the language.

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Parti Quebecois Leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon also praised the hockey club’s decision _ describing Suzuki as a “very good choice” for captain.

But he said its important for the Habs captain to learn French because the position involves a bond with a Quebec fan base that has offered unconditional support to the team for generations.

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