has offered to give vs Tommy Fury an undercard spot on one of his upcoming bills as the long-awaited grudge match falls into doubt. The pair have been scheduled to face each other twice to no avail and had been in negotiations to stage their contest for a third time.

However, Paul claims he has received no response from Tommy since sending him a seven-figure contract earlier last week. Taking to Twitter, he wrote: “Tommy Fury…the contract is with your team. 7 figures. 6x what you made in your last fight. You signing right?”

According to YouTube boxing commentator, Wade Plem, the purse being offered to Tommy is a staggering £1.7million ($2million). But Paul claims he has not heard a peep out of TNT. Angered by the lack of response, Paul sent a direct message to Tommy over social media but was blanked for his efforts.

Speaking on Anthony Pompliano’s podcast, he said: “Even now Tommy Fury is creating all these smoke and mirrors and he’s ducking. He wouldn’t respond to my DM. I sent him a DM like, ‘Yo, you have the offer in your inbox, like let’s make this fight happen for the fans.’ He hasn’t even opened it.”

“I think they should fight, it’s a fight that the general, everyday, casual boxing person would like to see,” he said. “And it’s the fight that Tommy wants, and Jake wants. So yeah, I think that fight should happen in 2023. Maybe it could be on the undercard of me and Usyk, who knows.”

A third attempt at making Fury vs Paul came about after Tommy’s father John revealed he had verbally agreed to a date in the United Kingdom in February of next year with The Problem Child’s manager Nakisa Bidarian. Both men shook on the deal following Fury’s last exhibition contest against Rolly Lambert on the vs Deji Olatunji undercard in Dubai.