Hasim Rahman has warned about his “f*** boy staff” jumping in early during the YouTube star’s August 6 clash with his son Hasim Rahman Jr. The former heavyweight world heavyweight champion believes Paul’s team will throw the towel in as soon he gets hurt as he predicts an early stoppage finish for Rahman Jr.

Talking to Fight Hub TV, he said: “I think he got such a f*** boy staff that they’re gonna jump in the ring and try and throw the towel in and try and stop the fight because of course they don’t want poor Jakey to get hurt so when my son hurts him and he goes to really try and finish him one of them, either his brother [Logal Paul] or BJ [Flores] one of them will jump in there and save their guy, the cash cow.”

Rahman Jr is the replacement fighter for Paul’s original opponent, Tommy Fury, who was denied entry to the United States last month which led to their long-awaited grudge match falling through for a second time.

Paul has sparred Rahman Jr in the past ahead of his first two professional boxing bouts against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and NBA player Nate Robinson but now they throw down for real.

 He continued: “I think he’s the bigger guy in this fight [Rahman Jr] so I think the whole fight is controlled by him. Jake has a shorter reach and is the shorter fighter so he has to be in his reach to hit him. 

“They say you gotta bring ass to get ass so Jake has to come, Jake has to be in the danger zone for him to land this overhand, Woodley right hand, he has to be in range and when he’s in range that’s the danger zone.”