Mikel Arteta admitted that there were aspects of Arsenal’s performance which were costly, but in general the manager was pleased with how his team played in the 3-1 defeat at Old Trafford today.

Two goals from Marcus Rashford and one from some other twat whose name I can’t remember now or be arsed to look up even though it would be quicker than writing this sentence, gave the home side the win.

However, the Gunners were on top for the majority of the game and the scoreline flattered United.

Asked if this defeat might have a negative impact on his team’s confidence, Arteta snapped, “It won’t happen. That won’t happen because the performance is there, and we know what we lacked today.

“The details to lose the game are here and you have a very different performance with the same result is how I want to take it because then you are questioning your level, and I don’t think there is any question of the level there.”

The Spaniard wasn’t blind to the faults though, and gave his analysis of the goals we conceded and the inability to turn dominance into goals.

“We lacked discipline and we conceded the first goal when it was an action with Bruno and three vs three in the backline and we don’t follow our principles and we concede the goal, which was two against one,” he said.

“After that it was all us, chance after chance, dominating the game and imposing ourselves in the way that we want to play. I said at half-time to the boys: ‘the game is there for the taking. If we play with even more courage and we’re going to win the game.’

“We went to 1-1 and we should have been 2-1 or 3-1, and in the best moment again we gave them all away in a dangerous area and on top of that we stepped in when we can never do that again.

“We suffered the goal and it’s a big lesson. If you want to win here you have to do everything so right and especially if you don’t do it there, then in the opponent’s goal with the amount of chances that we created we needed to score more goals.”