and Tommy Fury had to be separated by security as they went straight at each other in the ring. The pair square off on February 26 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia live on BT Sport Box Office.

Both men traded words as they butted heads before being separated by security as Paul lunged for Fury’s throat. “He’s fought taxi drivers, he has no chin, it’s all a joke. I’m ending you February 26, your not built for this moment, it’s all fake confidence, you can’t even knock out a taxI driver,” shouted Paul.

Fury retorted: “I will school you. I was beating better guys than you in the amateurs when I was 14 while you were messing around on the Disney channel. I guarantee if it’s the last thing I do in boxing, you are over in four weeks so enjoy the last few weeks as a so called boxer.

“When I hit you on the chin it’s all over for you… All I’ve had for the last few years is ‘when are you fighting Jake? You backed out, you’re scared’. You had two lucky opportunities to get out of this fight and you should taken them. Mark my words it’s all over.”

And Paul is hoping Tyson will stick to his word providing he beats TNT next month. “After multiple failed attempts to get Tommy Fury in the ring, the moment of truth has finally arrived,” Paul wrote on Instagram when announcing their fight on Friday. “Fumbles has no excuses now. Baby is born. Money is massive. Immigration is not an issue. Sunday February 26, Paul vs Fury is live on ESPN+ PPV in the US and BT Sport Box Office in the UK.

“Tyson Fury has promised he and Papa John will make Tommy retire from boxing and change his last name forever if he can’t beat the YouTuber. Saturday (tomorrow) I’m coming to London to look at all three Fury’s in the eye and shake on that promise.”