Sri Lanka Cricket will donate US$ 2 million to hospitals in the country, as the island nation continues to face a crippling economic crisis that has seen medical facilities run desperately short of life-saving drugs and equipment.

The donation will be split 50-50 between two hospitals, SLC said in a statement: “US$ 1 million will be donated to the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children, to buy essential medicines required for pediatric care. And the National Cancer Hospital will be donated US$ 1 million to purchase essential medicines for the treatment of the cancer patients.”

Sri Lanka’s government has defaulted on its debts this year, after failing to raise sufficient revenue internally, while also running short of foreign exchange. This has sent the country spiralling into energy shortages, with hours-long powercuts seen nationwide, basic necessities having skyrocketed in price, and hospitals unable to secure essential medicines and supplies.

“Sri Lanka Cricket is extremely happy to make this donation at this moment of need for the country, and we will give our fullest support to our nation to overcome these challenging times,” Shammi Silva, the president of SLC, said.

Many of Sri Lanka’s top cricketers are also understood to have made donations to the country’s health sector privately.