Tyson Fury has responded to Eddie Hearn’s ‘sceptical’ comments about The Gypsy King’s fight offer to Anthony Joshua. The British promoter is not convinced by the legitimacy of Fury’s word but the Mancunian has affirmed that he is “one hundred per cent serious.”

Taking to Twitter, he said: “This is an easy fight to make normal champion to challenger privileges, & I’m 100% serious. Let’s rumble UK.”

Fury’s tweet comes after Hearn’s recent appearance on talkSPORT Breakfast in which he discussed the proposed contest. He said: “We didn’t expect this opportunity, but it’s a great opportunity to fight for the world title in the biggest fight in boxing and we will definitely look at it.

“For me and the cynic in boxing, this smells of, ‘Oh, we couldn’t agree the AJ deal so I’m fighting this bloke you’ve never heard of instead, but no one else was available.’ But let’s take the cynic away and see what we get back from the Fury camp, because we’re ready to discuss it and we’re ready to make that fight for sure.”

Fury’s promoter Frank Warren has since confirmed that they will be sending an official written proposal later today. “We’re sending a written offer across today to them,” Warren told talkSPORT, “My son George spoke with Eddie Hearn yesterday.

“It’s us who have made the approach to give AJ a great opportunity to get himself back into the top level against the world champion Tyson. He’s willing to make that voluntary defence, so we’ll send the offer across today and then they’ll have to look at it and decide whether they wanna grab this with both hands.”