Tyson Fury has been offered a potential career after boxing in the form of bare knuckle fighting, with the BKFC prepared to wait in order to sign The Gypsy King. BKFC have already put forward a proposal to Fury, but are aware that he still have three more fights to complete.

Fury remains undefeated in the sport of boxing, and may eventually tackle another trade in the form of bare knuckle fighting.

The Gypsy King will at least have three more due to his outstanding contract. Fury takes on Derek Chisora on December 3 for the third time in his career, with two more fights to be organised in 2023.

Fury has already backed out of retirement once, but despite claiming not to care about legacy, it seems as though he just can’t stop competing. BKFC think that they can get their man, and they’re prepared to offer him a unique deal to secure his services, and a monster one at that.

BKFC have already put a huge offer on the table for Fury, one that involves a large sum as well as even a stake in the entire business. And they’re prepared to revisit the deal once Fury has completed this remaining boxing fights.

David Feldman, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship’s president is determined to get Fury on side. He told TMZ Sports: “Look, we made a play for Tyson Fury.

“But, he has three more boxing matches that he’s definitely slated to do,” Feldman clarified. However, he did go into detail on the type of deal he has already been offered.

“It was a different kind of deal. I mean it was a deal where [Fury would] be involved in the growth of this thing and maybe get a piece of the company. At this time he can’t do it right now, but we’re gonna revisit that.”

Fury has even called out MMA fighter Francis Ngannou before, claiming he would take him on in a bare knuckle fight, which has spiralled rumours that he’d be open to it. Speaking to talkSPORT, Fury said: “In a cage or a ring, it doesn’t matter.

“He can have four ounce gloves or bare knuckle if he wants. It doesn’t really matter to me; I’m heavyweight champion of the world, it is one connection and it is goodnight Vienna.”