Eubank Jr and Benn are still scheduled to fight nearly 30 years after their fathers battled for a second time in the WBC super-middleweight world title fight at Old Trafford. The contest ended in a draw.

Last month, Eubank Jr expressed excitement for the fight and suggested family pride and legacy was on the line. He said: “This is this is a fantasy fight right here. This is this is a fight for the fans, a fight for history, a fight for legacy.

“I’ve got to uphold my family name in this fight, 100 per cent, so there is a lot of pressure, but pressure is one thing I deal with exceptionally well so I am ready to go. I need to be responsible in this fight – I have my family name to uphold here, not just in winning, but in how I conduct myself.

“I would not want to do anything to disrespect what my father felt during this fight.”