DANIEL DUBOIS IS ready to exert punishment on Trevor Bryan for keeping him waiting for his world title shot.

Dubois goes in with the American champion on June 11 with the WBA world heavyweight championship at stake, fighting for the ultimate right to take on the super champion, which is currently Oleksandr Usyk.

The 24-year-old Dubois has been out of action since August of last year when he fought Joe Cusumano in Cleveland that resulted in a first round stoppage. A vaccination issue prevented him returning to the States to fight again in December and, since this time, taking another fight would have jeopardised his mandatory rights with the WBA.

Bryan was also granted a voluntary defence of his title against Jonathan Guidry in January, which delayed the ambitions of the 17-1 Londoner and left him hard at work in the gym.

Daniel Dubois was talking to Dev Sahni for the Unibet Lowdown. Click to watch full interview.

“It is about time and I have been waiting patiently for a while,” said the former WBA Interim champion, a belt he won by defeating Bogdan Dinu in June last year. “It has been frustrating so I am glad to get it on, finally.

“I will definitely take it out on him with controlled aggression, that’s what works. I want to go in there to put on a boxing display and make a statement. I have been training pretty much non-stop, I have been in the gym and the other guys have been having fights and I have just been working away, but now it is on and I can’t wait to go out there and show what I am about.”

Dubois insists he carries a much wiser head on his shoulders these days and is an improved version of himself since his only setback against home rival Joe Joyce in 2020. His sparring partner for that fight, unbeaten American heavy Jeremiah Milton, is back in London again and has detected a difference during their sessions of friendly fire.

“Of course, I am getting older and age brings maturity and experience,” reasoned Dubois, who turned professional at the age of 19. “I’ve just got to learn from my mistakes. I’ve got all the experience needed to succeed now and it is up to me to apply it, be myself and go out there and just devastate him.

“We’ve been working on a few key things we’re going to use in the fight and it is all a work in progress. We’ve got a gameplan in mind but it is just about feeling it, really feeling it and I’m gonna get in there and make sure I’m on it this time.”

Working away from home, Dubois adds, is something that excites him, as does fighting on a show promoted by the 90-year-old Don King. Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson are numbered amongst the heavyweight kings promoted by King.

“No pressure, it is in Miami and that is the place to be. I can’t wait to get out there and put on a show. I am not at all fazed by being the away or home fighter, I am just going to take this opportunity with both hands.

“Those names get you buzzing, you hear them and think ‘this guy is ancient and a legend of the game’. Now we are doing business with him, it’s amazing. It is the way this world works.”

Trevor Bryan accepts Daniel Dubois Call

TREVOR BRYAN SUCCESSFULLY defended his WBA world heavyweight title belt on Saturday night before swiftly responding to a message from across the Atlantic sent by one Daniel Dubois.

Dubois is in mandatory position and next in line for a shot at the WBA title after the governing body granted Bryan permission for a voluntary defence against the largely unknown Jonathan Guidry.

The unbeaten Bryan, 22-0, made harder work of the fight than many probably imagined and the 32-year-old had to rely on the scorecards, which recorded a split decision victory for the New Yorker.

Dubois, 17-1, quickly acknowledged his future opponent’s victory before adding ominously: “But you are in my way. See you soon.”

Bryan readily accepted his next challenge and indicated that he is prepared for an away fixture for what will be a second defence of the belt he won by defeating Bermane Stiverne at the beginning of last year.

“Indeed we will little homie,” responded the executor of 15 KOs. “Cause as I said my campaign overseas will be starting very soon!”

Bryan signed off by borrowing the catchphrase of the voluble former heavyweight contender Shannon Briggs.


DANIEL DUBOIS ASSESSED the heavyweight landscape and concluded that he is destined to become the leading man of the division when his time comes.

The 24-year-old is ranked at No.1 by the WBA and a shot at the champion Trevor Bryan is set to be called by the governing body. The WBA, of course, also have a ‘super champion’ via unification which is currently Oleksandr Usyk, who is awaiting a rematch with the vanquished Anthony Joshua.

Dubois defeating Bryan would ultimately see him put forward to face the Usyk-Joshua winner, or perhaps an undisputed champion if the belts come together.

Dubois acknowledges there is a lot to play out before any such mystic matchmaking becomes a reality.

“Let’s see in the next couple of fights and where it goes,” reasoned Dubois, who is set to return to the ring in March to begin his assault on world honours. “I want to take one fight at a time. I want to be up there at the top level fighting the best, winning a world title and holding onto it for a good long time. That is my aim and is all I can say.”

On the next destination for three of the belts, Dubois reiterates the thinking that Joshua must enforce his physical advantages to be in with a decent shout of reclaiming his lost property. However, he considers his heavyweight countryman as a winner whatever direction the titles go in.

“It was a good win for Usyk and a good fight for both of them really, a win either way for Joshua. They have a rematch now and I don’t know how that will turn out.

“He has reached the top level and what more can he do? I was a little bit surprised by the fight and, like a lot of people, I am of the opinion that he should have roughed him up, been a bit more physical with him and used his strength.

“He did what he did and Usyk just used his skill and boxed. He is a superior boxer so it all came good for him.

“He could possibly win the rematch and has got a chance. He is saying all the right things about changing up and coming in with a different attitude, so we will see,” continued Dubois, who believes Joshua’s training situation is purely down to personal choice and he must do what is right for himself.

“He has got to do what is right for him and look out for No.1. If it is a right decision he feels he needs to make then so be it.

“For me you always have to change things up when it goes stale and when something is broken you need to try and fix it. Good luck to him.”