Tifosi will be watching the revelation of their 2022 Formula 1 World Championship challenger with high hopes that the Ferrari F1-75 will allow the huge talents of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz to return the grand team to winning ways.

Much hinges on what Mattia Binotto and his team have conjured over the past two years, all but sacrificing the 2021 season for their 2022 project. If this one flops, it may well be the beginning of the end for the current top management at Maranello.

However, if it is a winner, and returns the sport’s most successful team to the top of the pecking order, the end will have justified the means, but anything less in the hot spotlight of expectation would be a meltdown.

Victories, regular ones, should trigger a wave of interest from their huge following, as the fabled team was denied victory since Sebastian Vettel won in Singapore back in 2019, with no Drivers’ F1 World Titles since Kimi Raikkonen did the business for them in 2007.

Time will tell if the 2022 car gem is a rhinestone or a true diamond

Scuderia hero Jean Alesi told Canal+ that he was given a sneak-peek of the F1-75: “I’ve been able to look at the Ferrari, and it’s really a wonder how narrow the car is. I hope it will go as fast as Red Bull and Mercedes. Honestly, the car is a gem. Red Bull is nothing special because it is a demonstration car, but the Ferrari will provide a shock.”

In an ideal world – for the Reds – they have a car that sets the pace and are potential winners every race weekend out of the mammoth 23-Grand Prix races scheduled. However that could open another potential can of worms: Carlos versus Charles…

But that’s a tale for future days! Today belongs to the Ferrari F1-75 and hoping (make that praying) it’s a great one for a change… for now only one thing to say: FORZA FERRARI!