“I wouldn’t be surprised if he potentially overlooked Dillian Whyte because he’s on such a high, such a roll,” Haye told talkSPORT. “The world recognises him unequivocally as the number one, the lineal champion. No one could really put a solid argument why he isn’t number one and it’s for a good reason.

“At some stage or another, he’s won the belts legitimately. The other champions haven’t, they’ve won vacant belts. So, in his mind and his team’s mind in most of the boxing people’s minds, he’s the best and Dillian Whyte has lost against Povetkin a couple of fights ago.

“I just feel that this is his opportunity to shock the world. You’ll get massive odds betting on Dillian Whyte. No one is really backing him whatsoever. But, you know, the type of opponent that you’d need to beat Tyson Fury, Dillian Whyte has all of those attributes. He can punch hard, he’s got cardio for days he’s got the desire and belief in himself.

“I think Whyte is going to pull up the upset. I think this is his opportunity. I think this is what he’s been waiting for. This happened at the right time for him and I think the fact that Tyson Fury’s so highly regarded by everybody, works in Dillian’s favour. So, I’m going with the unpopular underdog.”