Speaking to iFL TV, Hearn said: “60/40 is the offer as Tyson said. They want a rematch clause and they asked for a day at the beginning of November. I don’t know if that was a wind-up or whatever but we just went back this morning.

“I spoke to AJ about that offer, we think, I think particularly that he deserves more than 40 per cent but he’s happy and I don’t make the decisions, he does. So, I went back this morning and said we accept 60/40. We want that reversed in a rematch rightfully so because you’re the champion here and you want the biggest splits etcetera, which I think is fair and we want to do the fight in December.

“Now, interestingly they have December 17 held at Millenium Stadium, that’s perfect for us, that was the date I think he was going to fight Derek Chisora. So, there is a lot to discuss. AJ has an exclusive deal with DAZN but already me and George [Warren] have been talking about ways to share that with BT.”

If a rematch clause is signed this may add a longer wait to a match-up between Usyk and Fury as they await the conclusion of the two fights. Hearn admitted that he is still sceptical about the offer and isn’t sure if this is simply a ploy to get the Usyk fight signed for more money.

He continued: “I don’t know whether this is to try and get the Usyk fight agreed for a load more money because there’s a lot of people that if they wanted to stage that fight in the spring wouldn’t want to see him fight AJ in December because it might slow down that undisputed fight or maybe he just wants the fight.”