Dominic Ingle has left boxing fans horrified ahead of his man Kell Brook’s grudge match with Amir Khan this weekend after footage emerged of the trainer downing his fighter’s sweat during camp. The alarming clip, captured by Sky Sports cameras during Brook’s camp in Fuerteventura, has received a strong backlash on social media with the majority of fans hopeful that the video is in fact a prank.

“Good run that mate, shirt off, let’s see what’s left,” says Ingle during the footage, as Brook finishes a session.

“There’s not much left of you, what I want you to do is wring it out into this glass.

“This is the sweat, give it a good wring, give it a good wring into the glass.

“We’re going to sell that on Ebay, that’s the sweat, that’s the sweat.

“On the 19th, we’re going to get the blood and the tears but that’s going to be from Khan.

“So we’re alright to put this on Ebay, yeah? Look at that stuff there.

“In fact [pretends to drink. Down it? Down it? [drinks the sweat].

“There you go! I’ve got a bit of Kell Brook! I’ve got a bit of Kell Brook!”

Ingle and Brook have reunited for the biggest fight of Special K’s career after a mini-split for the former IBF welterweight world champion’s stoppage defeat to Terence Crawford in 2020.

Dave Coldwell has now hit out at his fellow trainer in a light-hearted manner, questioning his antics and jokingly labelling his colleague a “monster.”

He told Intu Boxing: “We were talking about it this morning in the gym, don’t ever expect me to drink that s***.

“When I was watching it, I was watching it with my missus and when he went to drink it, I was like ‘eurghhhh’ and then he stopped and I thought ‘ahhhh’.

“But then he did it and he didn’t even flinch!

“He’s a monster man, that’s just disgusting.

“Listen, Dom don’t give a s*** and that just proves it.”

Brook versus Khan – a grudge match well over 10 years in the making – is live from Manchester this weekend on Sky Sports Box Office.