An “overwhelmed and exhausted” Jelena Dokic says she has “hit the wall”.

The Australian tennis champion shares regular messages about her anxiety and mental health in candid posts in a bid to help others and spread her message.

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In her latest post, the tennis commentator, regular keynote speaker and former world No.4 said she had been burning the candle at both ends.

“Overwhelmed and exhausted,” she began the post by saying.

“Hairspray in my hair, makeup on my face, my dress is still on from the day’s events and I have no energy to even get up off the couch and get myself to bed.

“Haven’t stopped working and I love it but I am not good at saying no when I should and I always say yes to all requests. Also, sometimes I am not great at putting myself first. It gets me into trouble more with myself than anything else.”

Dokic says she will always put on a front when she is in the public eye, but that there is more than meets the eye beneath the surface.

“My work will never suffer, you will never know it and I will never show it. Because I have the ability to push myself way past my limits and work under extreme circumstances,” she wrote.

Jelena Dokic has shared an emotional post. Credit: Instagram

“But behind closed doors I get overwhelmed, more from fatigue and lack of sleep than anything else. So of course I have hit the wall.

“Doing eight events in four days and four in one day alone was where my mind and body had enough and I, all of a sudden, couldn’t get off the couch to even have a shower and wash my hair. That’s how exhausted I was.”

The Wimbledon semi-finalist said, although it takes a huge toll on her, she knows now how to deal with it.

“So, while this was all because of lack of sleep, it accumulated in me crying and having anxiety. The good thing was that I knew exactly what and why it was happening,” she said.

“I didn’t beat myself up about it or give myself a hard time but instead I looked at it as a good lesson to learn from.

“Sleep and self-care is so important. While we talk about it all the time, sometimes putting it into practice is harder than we think. I slept 15 hours that night – that’s how tired I was (after having a shower and washing my hair of course).

“I am good now and even though the work continues, I am learning more about how to reset, rest and take time off.”

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