“Manny’s like a friend. Obviously I think he lost the elections, he won’t be too happy,” Khan added. “It’s funny because when I called it a day from the sport, I got a couple of phone calls from Manny’s team saying, ‘Are you really retiring?’

“There’s a time when you always think the fight’s gonna happen. You wait, you wait, you never call retirement, you still have your eye on that fight.

“I don’t think that fight was ever gonna happen. I don’t know why they kept saying, ‘We’ll take that fight.’ It never happened. I think that now that I’m retiring they’ve said, ‘Are you really retiring?’

“It was a shock to them because they thought Manny might be able to take that fight. And I’m like, ‘Hell no.’ 

“Now that Manny has spent all this money on the elections, I think Manny will fight, but I don’t think it will be me. I’d rather give that a miss.”