has revealed that Robert Garcia was the “standout” option as his new trainer because he is a “bad boy coach” but admits he wasn’t able to visit everyone that he wanted to. After losing to in September, Joshua axed long-time mentor Robert McCracken and went on a tour of US gyms in search of a new trainer.

Among those he visited were Virgil Hunter, Eddy Reynoso, Ronnie Shields, and Garcia, with the latter impressing him the most. Garcia has teamed up with Angel Fernandez to help Joshua prepare for his rematch against Usyk on August 20 with the majority of the camp being spent at Loughborough University – where Fernandez is based.

But now Joshua has begun acclimatising to the blistering Middle Eastern heat by finishing off his preparations in Dubai.Many believe Garcia is the right choice for Joshua due to his track record of producing powerful and aggressive fighters – something that was severely lacking in ‘AJ’s’ last performance. But Joshua admits he wasn’t able to visit some of the coaches he intended to try out.

 “Texas, Fresno, LA, I saw a lot of coaches everywhere before choosing my new trainer – and there were coaches that I didn’t get to see – but he was the standout. Robert Garcia is a bad boy coach,” he told JD Sports.

“When I first turned pro, I did my first few training camps in Eddie’s [Hearn] back garden. That’s where we first started. Then, I moved to Tony Sims’ gym, for probably the first two or three fights, and then after that, I was allowed to train in Sheffield. I’ve been a pro for nine years, so for about seven or eight years I’ve been in Sheffield and this is my first time training out of there, but for 11 years, I trained with Rob [McCracken].”