Tiger Woods wandering Southern Hills Country Club alone at the PGA Championship would attract interest. But for the first two rounds of the year’s second major, Woods will be in the marquee group of marquee groups — with Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth alongside him.

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Woods enters the event admittedly stronger than he was a month ago at the Masters, where he made his return to competitive golf after 14 months away because of a single-car crash in February 2021 that nearly cost him his right leg.

So, can he contend? Woods has also said he doesn’t enter a tournament unless he thinks he can win.

We chart his every movement during the first round of the PGA Championship:

No. 10: Par 4, 376 yards

There are still 71 holes remaining, but the first hole of Woods’ PGA Championship could not have gone any better. He striped a 3-wood 339 yards, which, of course, came with a club twirl.

He then perfectly executed a little wedge from 95 yards to 3 feet. That putt was right in the center, and he began his tour around Southern Hills with a picture-perfect birdie.

Score: Birdie

Total: 1 under

No. 11: Par 3, 173 yards

Woods took a conservative approach on his second hole of the day, hitting a solid 8-iron into the middle of the green. He lagged his birdie putt up to kick-in range. Two holes in, and no drama so far.

Score: Par

Total: 1 under

No. 12: Par 4, 461 yards

The stinger made its first appearance at this PGA Championship. Woods drilled a low iron off the tee. Meanwhile, Spieth and McIlroy hit drivers. The difference? Woods’ tee shot traveled 273 yards; Spieth hammered his 328 yards and McIlroy pounded his 354 yards. From 195 yards, Woods controlled a perfect approach that never left the flag. Woods slammed his 20-footer for birdie through the break and had to settle for par.

Score: Par

Total: 1 under

No. 13: Par 5, 632 yards

First driver of the day from Woods looked as smooth as all the swings that preceded it. Woods unleashes one 353 yards down the left side. Again, though, he sat well behind the tee shots of Spieth and McIlroy, who both tried to get home in two at the par-5. Woods laid up to a comfortable yardage – he had 85 yards for his third shot – and then made a huge mistake. He airmailed a little wedge – virtually the same shot he stuffed at the first hole – into the back bunker.

Woods scrambled for par thanks to a perfect bunker shot. But given where he was after 2 shots, that was more stress than he wanted at the 13th.

Score: Par

Total: 1 under

No. 14: Par 3, 230 yards

During a long wait on the tee, Woods polished off a large sandwich that had social media buzzing.

Once the wait was over and the late breakfast was done, Woods stepped up and hit another crisp iron. He rolled home the 13-footer for his second birdie of the round. He isn’t the hottest player in his group, though. McIlroy dropped a 25-footer for his third birdie in a row.



Tiger Woods drops to 2 under par thanks to a long birdie putt on Hole 14.

Score: Birdie

Total: 2 under

No. 15: Par 4, 417 yards

Nothing about this hole went well for Woods. He tried to hit another stinger off the tee, but this one leaked right into the rough. The second shot tumbled into the front bunker. The blast from the sand sailed way too far. Two putts later and Woods walked away with his first bogey of the tournament. Meanwhile, McIlroy’s heater continued with a fourth consecutive birdie.

Score: Bogey

Total: 1 under