Chris Eubank Jr is ready to climb through the ropes for yet another mouthwatering all-British grudge match this summer but he insists any fight with Kell Brook must happen at middleweight. The 32-year-old World Boxing Super Series semi-finalist – fresh off the back of January’s unanimous points victory over Liam Williams – was ringside in Manchester on Saturday night to watch Special K walk right through bitter rival Amir Khan to finally bring the curtain down on their 17-year rivalry by sixth-round stoppage.

Now Eubank Jr wants to settle the score with Brook, who seemingly deprived him of a shot at the unified WBC and IBF middleweight world titles in September 2016, something he made abundantly clear post-fight during the Sky Sports Box Office broadcast.

A deal – negotiated between Eddie Hearn, Eubank Jr and his father Chris Eubank Sr – for the multi-million pound scrap with Triple G collapsed in the final stages, opening the door for Brook to pounce and move up to middleweight for the first time in his career.

In the aftermath of last weekend’s legacy-defining victory, the seasoned 35-year-old has since become embroiled in a social media spat with Eubank Jr and refused to play ball at 160lbs once again – ruling that he is an out-and-out welterweight.

As the rule of the domestic roost, The Special One has even ordered Eubank Jr to fight Conor Benn – who is also gunning for a shot at Brook – first, before getting in line.

That is a “crazy” offer in the view of Eubank Jr but an improbable challenge he is willing to embrace given the rich history between their two fathers – even if a middleweight showdown with Special K makes perfect sense.

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“Me fighting Conor Benn first? I mean listen, that sounds like a pretty crazy thing for him to ask for,” Eubank told Express Sport.

“Would I do it? I mean yeah, it’s two massive fights so either one of them, I would get in the ring just for the fight fans but Kell Brook makes a lot more sense right now.

“He’s just come off a great win, his name’s out there and he’s the main man right now, so it makes sense for him to make that fight [with me].”

Instead, Eubank Jr declares his request of a pulsating matchup at 160lbs is far more realistic than asking him to cut down to a weight he’s never boxed at before – which simply will not happen.

“Me and him, we have history. We’ve had our beef over the years. It’s a score we want to settle, it’s a fight the fans can really get behind,” he added.

“For me to say he should fight me at 160lbs is not anything crazy. I can pretty much guarantee that outside of a fight camp, he walks around heavier than I do.

“I walk around at 165lbs-166lbs. He has to boil down to get to those smaller weights.

“He’s absolutely fine at 160lbs. If he wants that big payday, another big stadium fight, he has to come up because I’m not going to go down to 155lbs, I’ve never been at that weight before. So why would I go to a weight I’ve never fought at before?”

Brook plans to sit down with his immediate family before deciding whether to fight on after the triumph of his career but Eubank isn’t losing any sleep over the prospect of his rival retiring, particularly given that he finds himself right in the mix of several stimulating firecrackers.

“I’m not worried [about Brook retiring], I don’t need Kell Brook. There are many other big fights out there,” Eubank adds.

“It’s an amazing position I’ve got myself into right now. Being the marquee name on Sky Sports, they’re putting a lot into me, they’re backing me.

“If Kell Brook was to retire then good luck to him. It’s not the end of the world for me in any way shape or form.

“But would it be nice to give the fans a big domestic rivalry in the middle of the year? Absolutely. He thinks he can beat me and he can make a hell of a lot of money trying.”

Yet despite his burning desire to inflict punishment on Brook and Benn, there is one fight that continues to elude Eubank Jr – who would gratefully grasp any opportunity to make it happen at the drop of a hat.

He says: “In a perfect world, my next fight is Golovkin. That’s number one. He has the belt, he has the name.

“After that, it’s whoever comes first. [Ryota] Murata has a world title that I absolutely want – but he doesn’t have a name. It doesn’t excite fans, it doesn’t sell tickets to the public. He’s an unknown.

“It’s not a massive fight, whereas Brook and Benn are massive names that will draw massive crowds but they don’t have titles.

“It’s a tough one, you’ve got to then weigh up all options and decide which fights are realistic to make.

“Yes, I would love to fight Golovkin but fighting that man next is by no means an easy feat. He’s got a lot of plans and there’s a lot of politics involved in fighting for world titles.

“If we can’t pin him down, we’ll work our way down the list about my career is that there are so many names and options out there for me. To have all these names available is an awesome thing.”

Now Eubank Jr must wait to find out what’s next, be it Khan, Benn, Golovkin or someone else. Whatever happens, the new face of Sky Sports boxing cannot be ignored. The biggest names, and the biggest nights, are on the horizon. A world title shot awaits.